I grew up in Bible Belt, Ohio.   (Every third person in Ohio is an evangelical Christian.)  Born into mild Protestantism with, of course, a literal interpretation of the infallible Word. In my teen years came the questions of doubt.  Then the isolation… trapped in a world of dubious belief.

The fundamentalist belief community of which I was captive gave me an illusory (joke’s on me) compensation:  If the nature of reality, how the earth was formed, where humankind came from, if all of this was so difficult for them to comprehend, I thought I must be an intellectual giant among men.

And, lo, the avocation of a life time of reading, writing, and exploration was spawned.

Then, 30 years later came the internet and other heads rose above the crowd.  The dialogues rapidly created communities, even if some were cyber-only).  Still there was connection in that dialogue, in that community.

To recognize, to honor, to facilitate that dialogue, I add another voice to the rising chorus, my own.   And I invite you to add yours.  Whether believer or non.  Civil, if you please, strident only if you must.

I’ve written a book, Religion is God’s Way of Showing Us it’s a lot Earlier in Human Evolution than We Thought.  It’s about what I think is an overlooked or at least under-appreciated topic:  the evolutionary origin of religion.  This has now and always has had a huge effect on human life.   The implications of that are extensive, but largely unrecognized throughout society.   The thesis that religion has an evolutionary origin is opposed by some strange bedfellows–of course religious fundamentalists, but surprisingly, the New Atheists as well.  Find the hidden and not so hidden implications of all this and understand what it all means.      http://www.amazon.com/Religion-Showing-Earlier-Evolution-Thought/dp/1458208931


There’s also a novel nearing completion that’s a contribution to the cause.  There’s an excerpt on this blog.  The novel has as its protagonist a rather unique being with a post-human intelligence trapped in an orangutan body who also finds himself trapped in a nation on the road to theocracy.

Details on availability of the novel will be posted when they are known.  It appears at present that it will be as an e-book and it is hoped that it will be available in 2014.  The working title is Probability of God and the series of which it is anticipated to be a part is Planet of Man.

A nonfiction work on thoughts and issues surround the modern nonbeliever is also in the works, but will probably not see light until 2015 or so.  I’m calling for your deconversion story to be a part of that work.  If you once had religion, it’s not a painless process to break free.  Yes, it’s liberating, but you are delivered from a world in which all of reality is organized one way into a world in which the fabric of that  reality is totally different.   And, yet, nobody else made the journey with you.  Everyone still has their head in that previous reality.   Here’s where you find community.  Here are your fellow travelers.

The working title is Confessions of a Christian Atheist.  I’m interested in feed back on this.  Love it?  Hate it? 


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  • 1. naturechaplain  |  May 10, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    I appreciate some of what you say here and wish you well. I would let go of “Christian Atheist.” Not sure you would reach either audience.

    • 2. Douglas Falknor  |  May 10, 2014 at 3:34 pm

      Sure, it sounds like an oxymoron. Christian atheist. The ironic sounding phrase is an identifier: this is where I came from–who shaped me–whose religion inspired my atheism.

      I don’t make marketable, commercial pieces, books, statement. Rather, ideas that might inspire different thoughts and feelings, different paths, different destinations. We demand the sameness of the familiar when our only salvation my lie in different direction.


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