Free book through the end of May for your review!

May 8, 2014 at 9:02 pm Leave a comment

Why read that breezy beach novel when you can get a free copy of Religion is God’s Way of Showing Us it’s a Lot Earlier in Human Evolution than We Thought?  Free for your promise to review it as a reader on Amazon or Audible.  Your choice of ebook or Audible audiobook.

You can see it on Amazon at:


The review doesn’t have to be something high-blown or academic unless you want to.  Doesn’t have to be positive.  A paragraph or two will do.    Just agree to post it to Amazon if you read an ebook or Audible if you select an audiobook.  That’s it!

While supplies last:  there are about 8 ebooks and 10 audiobooks.  If you’re up for it, just give me a place to send your link/code and a death pledge (just your promise, really) that you’ll post some kind of review.  You can comment to this post or use the

contact form.

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Writing yourself to the spiritual place you want to be in. One nation under God with liberty and justice for all

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I write for agnostics, freethinkers, atheists and humanists. In my nonfiction, the purpose is the celebration of our noble human spirit. The general pursuit may be Evolutionary Theology, though believers seem to populate that field (so maybe it's evolutionary Humanism). By looking at who we are and where we came from, we can derive much meaning, and perhaps more importantly, understanding, as well as some sense of where we could go.

Religion is God’s Way of Showing Us it’s Earlier in Human Evolution than We Thought

This title is an upcoming book at the publisher's now. I'd like feedback on this title. It's meant to make people think and feel something. And to hint at things for both believers and non- on multiple levels. The book is of a wider scope, though, one which is ultimately a way to grasp more meaning for ourselves. Believers are always telling us our lives don't have meaning without a god. We often counter that it's more meaningful to be looking for our own meaning than to be arbitrarily ascribed it by an imaginary supernatural being. Ultimately, and this is what I think is unique about this book, you'll see how we can be just as spiritual in our own way. Since we've inhertited a capacity for religion (some more than others) as an evolutionary adaptation, believers and non- are both potentially spritual in the same way--but it is an earthly, secular spirituality in which we all can share.

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